Presentations offered by Summit County Agriculture and Natural Resources educator Maggie Rivera.

Home in the City

Winged insects crawling under a door Indoor Insects - An insect invasion is a scary thought but knowing more about the critters can help you get rid of them! We will discuss the common household pests and the best strategies to eliminate or limit them. We will also discuss what products are effective and safe to use in your home.

  green variegated houseplant in a decorative pot

Houseplant Update - Plants in the home or at the office have many great benefits including improving air quality and decreasing stress. We can discuss indoor plants generally or we can choose one plant and go in depth about its care, maintenance and propagation. If requested, everyone can go home with a plant!


Urban Agriculture

An urban garden featuring a raised bed protected by a hoop

Farming in the City - An introduction to urban agriculture and how it can reutilize vacant land, create supplemental income for residents, and accomplish many other social goods.

Careers in Agriculture - What are potential careers related to agriculture and what are opportunities with OSU and other organizations to study and gain experience in the field?

Global Gardening - Summit County has more than 2,500 newly arrived refugees making it their home. Learn about their farming traditions and crops.

Climate Smart Gardening - What can we do as gardeners to adapt to, and potentially slow climate change? Let's discuss how carbon and methane relate to gardening and how gardeners can put these greenhouse gases back into plants and soil.


other topics

  • Vegetable Gardening, focus on any vegetable
  • Edible Landscapes
  • Composting
  • Soil Contamination
  • How to Take a Soil Test
  • Groundhogs and other garden pests
  • Season Extension and winter sowing


How to Schedule a 2024 Workshop


Margaret Rivera, Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator

OSU Extension Summit County, 234-226-6633


  • Please allow at least 2 weeks lead time to schedule a workshop.
  • Workshops can be held in the community, in a location of your choosing.
  • I can bring a computer and projector but please let me know if you have this equipment.
  • The cost of workshops will vary but will always be affordable.
  • If supplies are necessary, the cost can be covered by the host or a registration fee.
  • Registration is suggested and may be required if supplies must be arranged.
  • A minimum number of participants may be required.