Summit County Extension does not perform on-site soil tests.

The components of a soil test kit - mailing pouch, soil test information form, soil sample bag

Soil Test Kits are available for $15 (cash or check). The cost of the kit covers standard soil analysis and report. The standard fertility report includes results for pH, acidity, Mehlich 3 phosphrus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium and lime and fertilizer recommendations to meet the needs of your particular crop.

  • Collect 1 cup of soil and place it in the Soil Sample Bag.
  • Complete the appropriate page of the Soil Test Information Form.
  • Use the mailing pouch to send the soil sample and form directly to the lab at Penn State University. You will have to pay for postage; mailing costs are not included.
  • The lab will send a report to you.
  • If you need help interpreting the report, contact Summit County Extension.

Additional testing (soluble salts, nitrate nitrogen, total nitrogen, ammonium  nitrogen, total carbon, particle size ananlysis, total sorbed metals, mercury, selenium, arsenic, molybdenum, lead, PCBs) of your soil sample may be requested for an additional fee.

Soil Testing Fact Sheet HYG-1132