Yearly Forms

Ohio 4-H Charter Checklist

The Ohio 4-H Charter Checklist must be reviewed and submitted every year to assure a club’s continued compliance with the 4-H Club criteria.

Charter Checklist


4-H Club Equipment Inventory

Record the club's equipment, the value of each item, and where it is stored. Includes shooting sports, horse show, dog agility equipment, etc.

Equipment Inventory


Club/Group Activities

All clubs/groups must report their meetings and activities for the year to the Extension Office by February 4th.

Club/Group Activities - 2024


4-H Club Information Survey

Note the club's contact information and other details (age range of members, meeting location, project areas, etc.). This information is due by December 31.

Information Survey


Ohio 4-H Club/Affiliate Yearly Financial Summary

Information about the club's bank account, including who is authorized to sign checks. Record the club's beginning balance (January 1), ending balance as of December 31, and income and expense details.

Financial Summary


4-H Club/Affiliate Audit Procedures

The procedures for an audit of club finances. A fillable Financial Summary & Audit form is included.

4-H Audit Procedures


Ohio 4-H Club/Affiliate Financial Guidance

Outlines best practicies when managing and maintaining 4-H Club/Affiliate funds.

financial guidance


Operating Procedures

Thank you to Lorain County 4-H for sharing this resource.


Officer Standard Operating Procedure


Officer Standard Operating Procedure (with fillable forms)


4-H Volunteer Position Descriptions

4-H Club Organizational Volunteer


4-H Cloverbud Volunteer


4-H Program Volunteer


4-H Club Volunteer (Project and Resource)


4-H Club Financial Volunteer


Ohio 4-H Volunteer Handbook


cover of the Ohio 4-H Volunteer Handbook

revised 10/2023